Dream, dream, dream

1. Primeiro mergulho - Filho da Mãe | 2. Lembra-me um Sonho Lindo - Fausto | 3. Shirley to Shirley - Félicia Atkinson | 4. Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping - Grouper | 5. Speed Into - Sumie | 6. O negro que sou - Lula Pena | 7. Into Dust - Mazzy Star | 8. I'll Be On The Water - Akron/Family | 9. Manta Ray - J Ralph & Antony | 10. Turned - Heather Woods Broderick | 11. Blue Crystal Fire - Robbie Basho | 12. O Meu Amor Existe - Jorge Palma | 13. El Idioma de Las Luciérnagas - Federico Durand


An open playlist by claudiafarosantos.

13 tracks
Created: Sat Jul 25 2020

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